May 2022 Housing Trends - Transitioning Market

May 2022  Home Sale Price Trend Update!

  1. City Market Trends Below - Click on your city icon below to download last months Sales Trends year over year.
  2. SELLERS MARKET NO LONGER - Housing prices have stopped rising. Inventory is increasing.  Interest rates were just raised 75 basis points and I have seen some lender rates as high as 6%.  However as a seller dont forget your home value has increased by as much as 40% in the last 24 months.  Simple fact is - Prices cannot continue to rise so figure out what your plan is and let's work it accordingly.
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May 2022 Home Sale Trends


















Market Snapshot = Orange County - Detached Single Family

Attached - Condominium

Seller tip of the Day - Correct Property Evaluation

The Real Estate Market has transitioned in the last 3 months.   It is no longer a SELLERS MARKET!  Some cities (Irvine for example) have a ton more inventory over the last 3 months and prices will drop more then you might expect.  With higher interest rates and more inventory your house is no longer worth what it was worth 3 months ago.  I have seen these transitions happen before and it occurs at the drop of a hat.  One day you get multiple offers, the next day you do not.

Thinking of listing? BE WARY of any agent who tells you that they can sell your home for higher then the previous sale that sold over 30 days ago.  The market has transitioned.  All things being equal, prices in your community may have already adjusted downwards by as much as 10% or more. 

Currently in the neighborhood I live in there are 2 properties over priced by as much as 20%.  Agents have these properties listed at sales prices that might have worked 3 months ago but no longer. 

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