Rent vs Buy? Making the right choice!

Purchase vs Renting a Home - What makes sense for you?

Yes, the market is super hot however despite a shortage of inventory it still may make more sense for you to purchase vs renting depending upon your circumstances.

I have included a link below that you can use that takes you to a nerdwallet rent-buy calculator.  Fill out as much as you can and I can help you fill out the rest.  It will give you a quick accurate evaluation of how you would be affected financially by purchasing vs renting.

Click Here to compute your Buy - Rent Scenario

  1. First step is to look at this calculator link above and understand how you are financially affected by either buying or renting.  Also call a Lender to see how much you can get pre-approved for a loan.
  2. Figure out where you want to live and then TEXT or DM Patrick Schwier at 714 401 0893 or [email protected]
  3. Understanding the location you are looking to purchase or rent - we provide you with; a Rental Survey of the area you are looking in as well as a list of available homes for sale,
  4. Preview some of the Active homes for sale as well as view a a few available rentals to make sure you like the home, location and amenities.
  5. Daily check out Pats Hot Picks regarding well priced homes new on the market.
  6. Create either a Purchase Offer package or Rental Package that will put your offer in the best light to the Seller / Landlord to get accepted.
    We have a Blueprint to Accpetance that we can help you with.
  7. Make your offer and make plans to move.

Call with questions, to preview or Text Patrick to Make an Offer:
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