Tips on Selling Your Home for More

How We Sell our Homes for Higher Prices

The processes that we have in place to Sell Homes in a timely manner and higher price are engineered for success and are proven through experience.

  • Identify our client’s needs
    We listen to what is most important to you and what your Real Estate objectives are from sale price to time frames.  
  • Timeline creation
    We create a timeline to follow in conjunction with the advertising and pricing of the property to entice buyers to come and see your home and receive an offer that you are looking for at the price you want, in the time you want and the terms you want.
Choose the right type of pricing for your home prior to going to market  
We initiate our Marketing Engine to start advertising your home to the local community and the surrounding cities.  (90% of Agents will do a flyer, add your home to the MLS and send out some mailers with virtually no process to pricing, marketing, follow up and offer evaluations!) - Our Home Selling Process is quite a bit more involved.  
Home Preparation 
Evaluation and Staging of the property - we will make recommendations on how to prepare the home to appeal to as many buyers as possible. 
Effective copy writing of all of the home upgrades as well as information about the location and nearby community.
Online Marketing
Choose a suitable url for marketing (
Assign a Professional photographer
Coming Soon package 
Multi-step process to Market your property prior to going on to the MLS to create maximum interest in getting into and making offers on the subject property.
Marketing Cotninued.
Custom Flyer creation through our marketing staff.
Local Marketing.
Multiple mailers in the surrounding community (We have picked up many interested buyers for multiple communities that we have advertised in using this method)
We will shoot videos of both the interior and exterior of the home as well as the community itself.  Our goal is to sell the benefits of our home and the community itself.  Videos receive better viewing metrics while advertising utilizing Social Media.  These metrics can be used to follow up with all interested parties and create a flood of interest.
Open houses
We have a 7 day process for pre-marketing and post follow up to each Open House (Ask about our 4-1-2 system!)
Mega Open Houses - Themed marketing
(Wine & Cheese mixer - this is where we met the eventual buyer) 
Community outreach.
Local door knocking and phone calling to let the community know about the sale.
Social media.
Concentrated Social Media advertising,
Emails to propretary database of clients.
Reverse prospect marketing.
We have the ability to research what agents have buyers looking for a home like your and send them a notice directly.
Top Agent marketing.
Calls and emails to Active agents in the target city and surrounding cities
Broker Open Houses
We did 2 broker open houses with great success.
Local community & networking events.
(Holiday Food Drives, Shred and Goodwill donation events, garage sales)
Multiple social media campaigns
Specifically engineered to generate interested buyers in the neighborhood. 
REMAX One & The Schwier Real Estate Group.
As a company we network with thousands of top agents through our affiliations as a member of Kingston Lane and Tom Ferry Coaching.  

Once in escrow we streamline the escrow process by creating a calendar of all contingencies to be removed and make sure both Seller and Buyer are aware of what they are responsible for and by when.

There are many subtleties that both a Seller and Buyer benefit from due to our having 3 decades of Real Estate experience:

A.  Buyer Investigation
As your listing agent we will investigate both the buyer with their lender to make sure they are qualified to successfully complete the home sale and that all appropriate funds are in place.  
B. Agent Investigation
We also investigate the buyer agent.  How many sales do they have?  How long have they been in business?  How clean is the offer and was it presented professionally?  When you receive multiple offers on your home knowing that you are working with a Capable Buyer Agent is more important than the final sales price.  Some agents are professional, responsive and easy to work with.  Others are not.  Those are the agents that kill escrows!
C.  Offer Evaluation
We will do a thorough side by side analysis of all offers to discuss pros and cons of each part of the offered contract.

Just before Close of Escrow...

  1. With 2 weeks prior to close we are sure to follow up these items:
    A. Request for Repairs work to be completed
    B. Termite Work to be completed
    C. Vendor transitioning from Seller to buyer
    D. Proper vendor selection for work to be done prior and post close.

Preview the Open House Market

I HIGHLY recommend that as a seller you do the same and look at the current inventory of homes.  You NEED TO KNOW;
- How many homes are for sale around your house.
- How fast are they selling?
- What pricess are they selling at?
- How long are they on the market?
- What is the condition of the home and the lot in general as compared to your house?

Experience Matters

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